Drs. Deborah and Steven Hendlin

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Steven Hendlin

230 Newport Center Drive, Suite 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | 949.644.7707

Steven Hendlin, Ph.D., has been in private practice since 1976, specializing in psychotherapy and counseling with adults. His therapeutic style is direct and active.

His training and experience in various therapeutic methods provide him the flexibility to tailor his approach to individual personalities and needs rather than being limited by one orientation toward all.

He works especially well with those wanting a no-nonsense therapist and who welcome stimulating interaction. Feedback over the years suggests strong men and women, such as corporate executives and professionals, typically appreciate his ability to combine sensitive support with insightful interpretation and confrontation. Although skilled in short-term counseling approaches, he finds it most gratifying to work longer-term with those committed to making significant and lasting changes in their lives.

Dr. Hendlin has developed a sub-specialty as a sport psychologist, aiming to enhance the performance of professional and amateur athletes, with a special interest in competitive golfers. If you would like to read samples of the articles he has written on the psychology of golf, click here.

He is the author of four books, which you may order both new and used from various online book sites or new from him directly by contacting him via e-mail. To find out more about any of these books or to order them, click here.

His book, Overcoming the Inheritance Taboo, is available for Kindle on Amazon.com. The 20th anniversary edition of his book, When Good Enough Is Never Enough is also available for Kindle on Amazon.com.

From 2005 through the end of 2008, Dr. Steven wrote a monthly column for Coast Magazine, entitled Shrink Rap. These columns broadly addressed psychological issues, offering commentary relevant to the community. You may read many of these columns under the "Articles" section on this site. Often co-authoring with Dr. Deborah, he continues to be a regular contributor to the community newspaper, the Daily Pilot.

Prior to writing for Coast, he wrote weekly columns using the same Shrink Rap title for TheStreet.com. These columns focused on the psychology of investing for both long-term investors and short-term traders. You may read these columns at TheStreet.com, which are listed on their search page.

McGraw-Hill published Dr. Hendlin’s book, entitled The Disciplined Online Investor, in July, 2000. It was the first book to deal with the unique psychological issues related to online trading. To get more information about the contents of this book or to read Chapter One, click here.

Dr. Hendlin is available as a trader's coach to help traders and serious investors address issues related to the psychological aspects of trading, such as coping with losses, dealing with trader's block, or trading dependency.

Overcoming the Inheritance Taboo: How to Preserve Relationships and Transfer Possessions was published by Penguin/Plume in June, 2004. To read more about this ground-breaking book on the psychology of inheritance, click here.

Dr. Hendlin's professional credentials, experience, and publications may be found in his vitae.