Drs. Deborah and Steven Hendlin

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Deborah Hendlin

230 Newport Center Drive, Suite 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | 949.644.7707

My orientation is cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and Gestalt. These are interwoven into my background in positive psychology and the creative arts.

We live in an area where the pressure to be successful and look good is relentless. Learning how to navigate aging gracefully is an art with specific skills that can be acquired.

As an experienced clinician, I help individuals, couples, and families identify the true sources of their distress and confusion. Often people have allowed their fears and limitations to define their existence and feel trapped and helpless.

Within the sanctity of the therapeutic relationship, we engage in a process of exploration and search for meaning and understanding. We work in concert to reveal possibilities for altering your thoughts and behavior and develop adaptive capacities to manage life’s complexities.

We identify self-sabotaging behaviors and self-imposed rigidity to allow for a renewed sense of well-being. We strive towards discovering a path out of your misery to achieve healing, contentment and balance in life and restore your ability to be present and feel happiness.

I find it extremely gratifying to challenge individuals and couples to find the courage to attempt change and entertain new and novel ways of being. Using my design and creative arts experience, I enjoy assisting people in creating environments reflective of who they are.

I provide insightful, challenging care in a caring environment. My therapeutic style is both direct and compassionate. I work well with high- powered individuals wanting to make their good lives better.

Dr. Hendlin's professional credentials, experience, and publications may be found in her vitae.