Drs. Deborah and Steven Hendlin

Clinical Psychology


Overcoming the Inheritance Taboo

Prepare for one of life's certainties by learning to deal with sibling rivalry, division of property, and the emotional turmoil surrounding a family member's death.

Few issues facing families today are as difficult to confront as that of inheritance. It's a subject that's usually avoided until too late-and the resulting bitterness between surviving parents and siblings can be substantial and lasting.

From overcoming the reluctance to discuss death, illness, and inheritance wishes to the practical concerns of devising equitable disbursement of parental belongings, Dr. Hendlin brings his uniques experience as a seasoned psycho-therapist and columnist on the psychology of investing to help us confront these issues before, during, and after an inheritance crisis.

This is the first book of its kind to focus primarily on the emotional and psychological aspects of inheritance as well as on the practical. The insights it offers are enhanced by the personal experience of the author living through the inheritance process as he was writing about it.

Overcoming the Inheritance Taboo will help you gain insight and prepare you and your family with the necessary tools to avoid a costly, emotionally taxing ordeal over inherited money and possessions.

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The Disciplined Online Investor

Know your own trading mind — and anticipate the mind of the market. Powerful Psychological Techniques for Electronic Traders to Master Their Thoughts and Emotions — and Achieve Trading Success.

The anticipation, excitement, and adrenaline rush of online trading and investing — long with the hard won money traders risk with every keystroke — make it a minefield of explosive thoughts and emotions. As a trader your ability to recognize and manage these thoughts and emotions is the pivotal difference between success and failure.

The Disciplined Online Investor is the first book to unveil how you can understand — and surmount—the psychological pressures of electronic trading. Drawing on his years of successful online trading experience, Dr. Steven Hendlin discusses:

  • Practical tools for confronting and controlling your desire for wealth and fear of failure
  • Specific techniques to gain self-insight, self-determination, and self-reliance in trading
  • Split-second strategies to anticipate how other traders will react to important news

Have you invested hundreds of dollars on the latest trading software and spent thousands of hours studying trading techniques and strategies, yet neglected the most basic and important trader's tool — your mind? Let The Disciplined Online Investor show you how to apply today's most relevant psychological principles to the take-no-prisoners online trading arena and gain a versatile and effective edge — one that can be adapted to you and your personal trading style.

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When Good Enough is Never Enough

When Good Enough is Never Enough: Escaping the Perfection Trap (hardback, $20 plus mailing).

This book explores how perfectionism is so deeply and unconsciously ingrained in our achievement-oriented culture that everyone suffers from its consequences. Through absorbing and provocative case histories drawn from his decades of clinical practice, Dr. Hendlin demonstrates the various perfection traps: the desire to shape the perfect child; work perfectionism, and the driven perfectionist boss and company; competitive perfectionism at play; marital and sexual perfectionism, and the search for the perfect relationship; and the emotionally and sometimes financially ruinous yearning for the best material objects.

Dr. Hendlin explores the various social, psychological, and religious causes of "never enough" perfectionism. Such problems as stress, stifled creativity, and dissatisfying relationships are examined — along with their solutions.

When Good Enough is Never Enough shows us a way out of the perfection trap, showing how we may transform the energy that has gone into perfection-seeking into a more moderate, healthy, and satisfying pursuit of excellence. Emotional and physical problems related to perfectionism are examined, including anxiety and depression, stress-related disorders, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, eating disorders, and addictions. And various exercises are presented to help combat perfectionist thinking and behavior.

Dr. Hendlin teaches us how to live with perfectionist partners, parents, siblings and friends. He offers us a clear alternative path toward excellence that is not driven by anxiety, fear, guilt, or regret.

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The Discriminating Mind

The Discriminating Mind: A Guide to Deepening Insight and Clarifying Outlook. (paperback, $15 plus mailing).

In this book, Dr. Hendlin examines the way our usual waking consciousness is disturbed by inner chatter and then offers basic meditations to quiet this chatter. How do we really know our own minds?

This book promises to stimulate your thinking without offering "instant enlightenment," providing simple, powerful tools for personal and spiritual growth. It examines the meaning of personal identity, self-belief, existential issues and how we relate to them, and the nature of the chattering mind and how it develops. Anger, fear, greed, envy and resentment are examined and exercises relating to them are offered.

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