Drs. Deborah and Steven Hendlin

Clinical Psychology

About Us

Welcome to the website of Drs. Deborah and Steven Hendlin, Licensed Clinical Psychologists. Our offices are located at 230 Newport Center Drive, Suite 220, in Newport Beach, California. We may be reached at (949) 644-7707.

Our long-term marriage has facilitated good communication, mutual respect, and admiration for each other. This includes challenging interaction, compromise and constructive problem solving. Based on our professional training and successful experience together, we are skillful in working with individuals and couples dealing with a wide range of issues.

We offer a unique husband and wife psychologist team, working cooperatively with each other and with couples in conflict, where each may want a separate male or female therapist but also require joint marital therapy. We each conduct our own separate practice but refer to and consult with each other as appropriate.

230 Newport Center Drive, Suite 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | 949.644.7707

Our work includes but transcends the typical clinical problems brought to psychologists. We honor the values of positive psychology, which focus on growth and helping people achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Steven has been in independent practice for over 35 years and holds ‘Fellow’ status in the American Psychological Association. This means that his work has been recognized as having had a national impact among his peers. He engages a wide variety of clinical issues with adult individuals, couples, and families, including problems of sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, and existential issues related to finding purpose and meaning in life.

Areas of expertise and national recognition include sport psychology to enhance performance of amateurs and professionals; consulting with executives striving to lead at the top of their ability; the psychology of investing and financial inheritance issues; and meditation and stress-reduction methods.

He is widely considered by the media to be one of the foremost experts in the country on perfectionism, the psychology of financial inheritance, and mindfulness meditation. Long before it became popular, he was one of the pioneering psychologists in the mid-seventies integrating mindfulness and other forms of meditation into the psychotherapy process.

Since 1987, Dr. Deborah has developed a thriving private practice specializing in relationships, infidelity and divorce. She is an expert on treating marital affairs. She has lectured to groups throughout Orange County on topics ranging from recognizing and coping with infidelity, love relationships and sustaining passion in long-term marriages.

Other areas of practice include managing mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, stress management, and lifestyle choices. She works closely with a local gynecologist with whom she collaborates on women’s issues such as hormonal disturbances, sexual dysfunction problems and body image challenges. With Dr. Steven, she co-authors articles on psychological topics for the community newspaper.